With the holidays approaching, there is no doubt in my mind that you are already excitedly considering how to prepare your home to reflect all of the beautiful elements of the season. Although the holidays may mean different things to different people, in all likelihood you will find yourself in the midst of a gathering at some point this season. If you find yourself hosting a gathering, then there are certain things you should think about when it comes to refreshing your interior spaces.

At Nancy Price Interior Design; creating a classic, elegant and festive- yet subtle atmosphere is the key principle when it comes to dressing the home for the holidays in a sophisticated manner.

Instead of going overboard with religious icons or literal representations of lore surrounding the holidays that you celebrate, consider a more nuanced approach to your design. And if you are planning to have guests over, make a point to “consider the flow” when it comes to how you revamp the space and conduct the eventing.

If you aren’t religious, or won’t be celebrating any holidays this winter, but just feel like refreshing your living space with a more wintery feel, then these tips can aid you as well.


If you’re going to go bold, pick one primary focal point. It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to adorning your house with holiday decorations. And that desire to spice things up with unique pieces shouldn’t be quelled. However, if you are going to go big, make sure that you are only choosing one or two main focal points. You don’t want attention-grabbing pieces to compete with one another. Instead of causing a visual argument, pick a primary focus.

Consider arranging your furniture in a way that makes sense for the size and nature of your gathering. Feel free to move your furniture back after your guests leave if you prefer a different arrangement. However, it’s important that you consider the number of guests, any special needs and the general flow of the evening. If food is involved in your plans for the evening, figure out where and when you are going to serve it. Furthermore, when considering the updated look of your space, devote a little bit of time to  determining  what makes the most sense to prevent spills and overcrowding once the food is served.

You aren’t beholden to tradition, (when it comes to the color palette). The winter season often brings with it a few sets of traditional color palettes that reflect the weather and the religious holidays. However, the wonderful thing about this time of year is that you don’t have to go in that direction if you don’t want to or if it doesn’t make sense for your space. Instead, consider what colors and styles make the most sense for your place. What kind of ambience is it that you are trying to convey? Warmth? Celebration? Respite in the face of the cold? Consider this and go with it.

Re-interpret the classics. Now that you feel released from the reds, greens, blues, whites and yellow/golds often associated with this time of year, start to think of ways that you can create a space that works with your style while simply hinting at those classics. This approach is a bit more dynamic than simply plastering the house with holiday decorations.

Mix Modern with Vintage. Nancy Price Interior Design is known for creating unique spaces that are at once classic and unique. We like to deploy traditional elements of composition while inserting a modern twist. One of the ways that this is achieved is through mixing modern pieces with more vintage styles. However, each piece has something in common with the rest of the space and other furnishings so that there is a unity throughout.

Most importantly, have fun and don’t lose your own sense of style when it comes to redecorating your home around the holiday season!