Over the past twenty plus years, Nancy has forged a successful career that centers on her innate ability to see the sum of an exquisitely designed space, even if she is simply looking at one of its parts.

Nancy Price is the co-owner and lead designer at Nancy Price Interior Design, Inc. Nancy Price Interiors is a full-service design firm based in Jackson, Mississippi.


Nancy adores working with architects because she speaks their language and they appreciate the clarity of her vision. Recently, Nancy showcased her signature aesthetic through another medium.
Nancy has launched a jewelry line called “Aura” which artfully combines religious pieces and stones that Nancy has collected on her travels to create completely unique pieces.


The story of Nancy Price begins steeped in the warm tradition of Louisiana where she was born and raised.
Nancy is quick to point out that growing up surrounded by the mix of French, Spanish and African influences found in Creole culture heightened her natural ability to see complementary elements from different styles when considering composition.


Over the course of her career, Nancy has traveled the world and back in search of inspiration and beautiful pieces for Nancy Price Interior Design.
Whether she has stumbled upon a particularly lovely hand-dyed indigo fabric, or a strikingly shaped side table, Nancy loves everything about the perpetual search for handsome things.

Nancy Price

As the granddaughter of a master craftsman, Nancy’s passion for art and design was not only recognized, but encouraged. And after seeing a space produced by Nancy Price Interior Design, it comes as no surprise that Nancy has a background in fine arts.

Although Nancy studied art during her undergraduate career at Louisiana State University, success came to her quickly as she applied her natural eye for beauty to designing interior spaces of homes that her husband and business partner John Price was building through his construction business. Word spread quickly of Nancy’s talent, and referrals started pouring in for clients outside of the construction business.

Since 1987, John and Nancy have watched Nancy Price Interior Design grow from a part-time interest into a highly-sought after business.

Nancy visits countries all over the world searching for inspiration and beauty. However, Buenos Aires is her favorite place to visit.

Buenos Aires has a history deeply entrenched in European design. In the late 1800s, many Europeans migrated to Buenos Aires and constructed buildings in the style of Art Nouveau and Beaux Arts, and many of the old masters of painting sent their work here. Perhaps it is the cosmopolitan feel of this Argentinian metropolis that Nancy finds so alluring.  Or maybe this fusion of cultures is reminiscent of Nancy’s childhood in Louisiana.

nancy price

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It is this impulse to travel to faraway markets in search of timeless yet interesting objects coupled with Nancy’s ability to envision elegant completed spaces that make Nancy Price Interior Design such a unique design firm.

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